With the year coming to a close, I’ll be looking back at the main airline and travel payments related trends in 2022. After kicking it off with orchestration, next up is Buy Now Pay Later or #bnpl.

BNPL addresses a wide range of factors that play a role in airline payments, to mention a few:
☑️ Pre-payments for high value tickets, sold months in advance
☑️ An option to compete with Tour operators offering a down payment and a remainder payment closer to departure
☑️ Lowering the threshold for ancillary sales and upgrades
☑️ An alternative for Open Banking payments that offer zero credit

But it also introduces challenges and is closely monitored / scrutinized by regulators around the world, trying to protect consumers against overspending and building up debt.

In this infographic I try to summarize the process, factors and the main vendors (for airlines). Also included a ‘mini score card’ to widen your view on this alternative form of payment.

Special thanks to Maarten Rooijers, who is a subject matter expert and pioneer in airline payments including BNPL, for his input and feedback.