The combination of #airlines#travel and #payments produces quite a lot of acronyms which can be quite confusing when entering this space from both a merchant and a vendor perspective. Some have been around for such a long time (early 70’s!) that even seasoned professionals don’t know what they stand for! I regularly receive requests to include a list in my workshops, with this bingo card you make it part of your team meeting and/or internal training.

If you’re not sure if you can name them all correctly, see the list below:

GDS – Global Distribution System

DMC – Destination Management Company

PNR – Passenger Name Record

NDC – New Distribution Capability

PSS – Passenger Service System

RMS – Revenue Management System

CRS – Central Reservation System

TMC – Travel Management Company

PWYF – Pay When You Fly

HEDNA – Hotel Electronic Distribution Networking Association

MCP – Multi Currency Pricing

VCN – Virtual Card Number

ADM – Agency Debit Memo

APM – Alternative Payment Method

ARC – Airline Reporting Corporation

CUSS – Common Use Self Service

PAX – Passenger

CUTE – Common Use Terminal Equipment

BSP – Bill Settlement Plan

BBR – Bill Back Request

HOT – Hand Off Tape

EMD – Electronic Miscellaneous Document

TIP – Transparency In Payments

PMS – Property Management System